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AmeriMedia's home base is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The company offers an array of marketing services that build brand recognition through advertising, promotions, and coordinating special events and sponsorships. The company represents more than 200 Radio & Television Networks and independent stations, including a host of publications and outdoor media companies located in every Caribbean country, from Bermuda, down island to Trinidad, across the South American countries of Suriname and Guyana, Aruba and Curacao to Belize in Central America. We have answers to solve complex issues of consumer purchasing in this region. We implement innovative methods and strategies of advertising to engage the audience where key media responsibilities to the community convene to form a clear path to the brand.

AmeriMedia is the international conduit to local Caribbean media advertising departments. We provide information necessary to promote manufacturers' brands (see AmeriMedia In The Caribbean). We compile the best suited, target specific media for the advertising planning process and placements are guaranteed with confirmations followed by performance affidavits. Consequently, our direct media alignment enables us to provide innovative, added-value to a client’s investment; an important element to ensure incremental product sales and market share leadership. Growing brand sales as intended by the manufacturer is a major concern of AmeriMedia.

We draw upon professionally established Caribbean media companies who cater to their individual communities with breaking news, information and entertainment. These top-flight communicators maintain a loyal audience and, in turn, advertisers tap into a huge base of consumers. AmeriMedia's long-term, distinctive association with the media owners tenders a wealth of empowering data. We apply this knowledge to sustain a keen understanding of local island marketing, retail trade and brand support throughout the area. Our unequalled efforts successfully reach Caribbean consumers who buy products as a vital part of lifestyle ... essentially, in many ways we work for them.

It is very important to note "on-island localization" when advertising in Caribbean countries; we strongly advocate such an advisory. AmeriMedia provides production for Radio and Television commercials including the use of local or pan-Caribbean traditional talent, music buyouts or leasing of original soundtracks, music library cuts and sound effects packages. We offer language translations as well.
We employ first-rate, creative graphic designers to cover all aspects of print production when required.
Just one call to AmeriMedia and as your partner we make it easy for you to work the Caribbean.