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VOB 92.9 The Voice of Barbados, established in 1981 is an active member of the community reflecting and shaping contemporary Barbadian lifestyles. It's young, creative and vibrant Radio delivering accurate news, current affairs, sports and today's music.

HOTT 95.3 Is the Number 1 station serving the young adult, 13 to 39. HOTT features popular personalities playing today's Urban, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae Dance Hall and Top 40 Hits with entertainment news and special features.
LIFE 97.5 The Inspirational Station serving the community's adults 18 to 49 playing today's Top 40 contemporary spiritual hit music.
Q 100.7 Features Adult Contemporary Music and Talk reaching a mature audience 25+
98.1 FM serves the young adult listener, 13 to 39. This Party Station plays current top 40 Urban, R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae Dance Hall Hit songs and competes for audience with HOTT.  
94.7 FM Showcases Classic Rock and Oldies from 70s, 80s, and 90s reaching a mature adult audience, 35-60. The station skews higher to males when featuring Sports Specials such as Football and Cricket.


CMC TV Network, a division of The Caribbean Broadcast Union (CBU), is the only wired Pan-Caribbean Television Network. It began as a public broadcasting service in 1970 providing programming to member television and radio stations throughout the Caribbean.

The CMC is currently developing an array of new programs, and soon they will be re-releasing the all new, Caribscope Travel, a travel and lifestyle format featuring visits to Caribbean destinations with segments on cuisine, heritage, nightlife and many places of interest. Also on-deck and ready to launch is CMC Headline News, a regional Caribbean and International news program that will keep each country informed and in-tune with each other.

The CMC always delivers International Cricket, World Cup Soccer and other major international events including the Olympic Games. They also produce annual events such as, "The Caribbean Song Festival," recognizing the achievements of Caribbean songwriters, and "The Caribbean Broadcast Awards," recognizing the merits of outstanding broadcast journalism throughout the region.

CMC members comprise more than 30 countries worldwide, representing 20 Caribbean countries through both public and private broadcast systems in the English, French and Dutch-speaking areas. The CMC transmits via satellite delivering a total reach of 1.5 million homes, 6.5 million people. The CMC's presence in the marketplace provides a balancing effect across the varied cultures of the Caribbean. International companies utilize the TV Network to effectively and efficiently reach the entire area.

CBC TV 8, The Caribbean Broadcasting Corp., serves Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean with programs such as The Young & the Restless, The Bold & the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives; a variety of network syndicated programs ... Home Improvement, Frazier, Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman, Seinfeld, Chicago Hope, Moesha, and The X-Files; the CBC Evening News at 7PM Monday-Sunday reports local, regional and international news, sports and weather.

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