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Radio Hoyer I, 101.9-FM broadcasts in the local language, Papiamento. The station is primarily known on the island as Number 1 in local and international news. News breaks air at 6AM to 8AM, 12Noon to 1:30PM, and from 5PM to 7PM Hoyer I broadcasts a very popular News/Talk program. Throughout the remainder of the day they play a variety of local island music. Their audience is adults, 18-54.

Radio Hoyer II, 105.1-FM broadcasts in a similar format as Hoyer I, however, it is completely Dutch oriented. The prime local and Radio Netherlands, International news breaks air at 7AM to 9AM, 12Noon to 1PM, and 5PM to 7PM. The station delivers a music format of Contemporary Dutch hits and Adult Contemporary English Pop Music hits. It ranks No. 4 in the market reaching an adult audience of 25-54. Radio Hoyer II is the only station that reaches a prominent Dutch audience of businessmen and long-term visitors from the Netherlands comprising an affluent consumer with disposable income.

Z86, 860-AM is the oldest station in the Caribbean, 67 years in business featuring a News/Talk format. Major news breaks at 6AM to 8AM and Noon to 2PM, Monday -Friday with on-the-hour News Updates. Some of the country's foremost news and talk personalities make their home on Z86. All broadcasts are in Papiamento. 95% of the commercials air in Papiamento and the remaining 5% in English.

MI 95, 95.7-FM is an Adult Contemporary music station reaching an audience 25-54. The station features Latin, local, European and American Contemporary Hit tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and skews slightly higher to a female demographic.

RocKorsou, 88.3-FM opens in May 2000 with Rock music and Sports reports formats, including News/Talk programs. The station will target males, 18+.

RADIO MAS 99.7FM features Papiemento broadcast of local and international news at 7AM - 8:30AM, Noon - 1:30PM & 5PM - 6PM daily. The late morning program with Nataly Doran, 9:30AM - Noon, is popular with mature adult females, 25-54. Nataly plays a variety of popular hit songs from the 80's. The afternoons until 5PM and after the evening news from 6PM - 11PM is very popular with the youth and teen audience, 13 - 19. At these times RADIO MAS plays a variety of contemporary hits both local and international such as tropical, salsa, meringue, hip hop, and dance hall music.

TeleCuracao Channel 8 offers a variety of Dutch and US programming. Although some advertising is broadcast in English, they are primarily a Dutch speaking station with their nightly newscast at 8PM, NOVA at 10PM, the Dutch soap opera, "Goede tijden, slechte tijden" at 7PM weekly and Studio Sport airs at noon on Sundays. They also offer a variety of CBS programs such as The Late Show with David Letterman, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Walker Texas Ranger, and 60 Minutes. In addition Oprah, Punky Brewster and Sesame Street, as well as a variety of sitcoms and movies.
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